Tu-Shonda Whitaker is Coming to Chicago - Part II

Verlean Singletary, Owner of DaBook Joint
On Saturday, I attended a Champagne Soiree at the Temple Art Gallery in Chicago.   Street Lit. author, Tu-Shonda Whitaker was the guest of honor for this gathering of lovers of the genre.   DaBook Joint Owner, Verlean Singletary hosted the event. Singletary, an avid reader herself, is dedicated to bringing African-American literature to the Chicagoland community and abroad for all ages through her online bookstore.   CPS librarians will also be pleased to know that DaBook Joint is an approved vendor for Chicago Public Schools!

I was really happy to finally meet Whitaker.  I've been a fan of her work since her Triple Crown Publications release of "Flip Side of the Game" in 2004.   Her current release, "Money Never Sleeps:  A Millionaire Wives Club Novel," describes how the four divas juggle drama, backstabbing and family.   Her teen line written under the pen name, Ni-Ni Simone is insanely popular with teen girls.   I can personally attest to the hysteria of girls in my library waiting to read the next book in her popular teen series.   Her books published by Kensington Teen are a great choice for pre-teen and teen readers.  

Whitaker and I
I'll be totally honest with you.  My past experience when attending book signings like this one is learning how arrogant or rude the author can be.  This type of behavior is such a disappointment to me because when I like an author's style of writing, I believe in supporting them through the sales of their books.  In the case of Whitaker, arrogance or rude behavior are two words that I would not use to describe her.  I found this author to be very down to earth, friendly and funny.  I also believe she found the tales of Chicago quite humorous.   I especially appreciated her patience in signing all of the books for my teens at my high school.  Thank you again!  

The Champagne Soiree was attended by librarians, teens/parents and adult fans of her work.   Also in attendance was Charles and Radiah Hubbert, Founders of Urban Reviews Online.  When you have a moment, check out their website, http://www.urbanreviewsonline.com and follow them on Twitter at @UrbanReviewsOnline.  Their work is highly respected and their Free Black E-Books list is a great help for a librarian on a tight budget.  This is a website that should not be missed.

Enjoy more pictures/captions below of the event below.

Until next time, K.C. 

P.S.  Whitaker also writes Erotic Fiction under the pen name, Risque.  If you are a fan of adult Erotic, check out her new work!
A longtime fan.
This teen was thrilled to meet Whitaker and take a picture with her.

This mother brought her teen daughter to the soiree.
Happiness is:  Getting my book signed by Ni-Ni Simone!
CPS Librarian LaToya Bennett purchased books for her 8th graders at Kershaw Magnet.
Say Cheese!

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  1. K.C.

    Thanks for this post. I didn't know Whitaker wrote under the pen name Ni-Ni Simone. Also, thanks for referencing DaBook Joint, Urban Reviews Online and Free Black E-Books. I'm going to check out their websites.

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