Review of Sade's Secret by Sparkle

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Publisher:   Wahida Clark Presents YA
Pages:        301
Publication Date:   May 25, 2012

Lately I've been so sidetracked with work and other projects that I haven't been able to engage in my favorite pastime, reading. Reading relaxes me and helps me escape to another world where I can forget about the constant BS I have to put up with.   So during the first week in May after work, I turned off the phones/TV,  logged off of social media and just read.

During my 'me time'  I finally sat down and dug through my stack of galley books and began reading.  I read "Sade's Secret" in one sitting; this is something I rarely do.   After reading the acknowledgements of the book, I quickly learned that Sparkle is the pen name of author Shelia M. Goss who writes in multiple genres from christian fiction to suspense.  Check out her website when you get a chance.  Those of you that are familiar with YA fiction, Goss writes the popular Lipstick Chronicles Series.   This is the author's first Street Lit. book for teens under the popular Wahida Clark Presents YA line and after reading this book it won't be her last. "Sade's Secret" is a story that has stuck with me days after reading the last page of the book. Sparkle has written a definite page turner that will spark discussion among teens.

The author Sparkle let's the reader know that something is not right with the relationship between the protagonist, Sade and her mother's boyfriend Calvin within the first page of the book.   Sparkle, just shy of her 16th birthday on the surface looks like a normal teen.  She attend a performing arts high school, a talented singer/dancer and has many friends.   What is abnormal is this teen is being sexually molested by her mother's boyfriend Calvin since she was ten years old.  Sade hides this secret from her best friends and suffers in silence.  Since Sade's Secret is written in first person, the reader hear's her 'voice' as she describes current events and painful flashbacks.

Author Sparkle
While reading this story, I wondered how could Joyce, Sade's mother not realize the molestation was taking place in her own home.   I feel the character Joyce represents small percentage of mother's across this country.  She is a women that is happy to have a 'man', continue to date her even though she has a child and her figure is 'more than healthy.'  The signs that something is wrong with Sade is missed by Joyce because she works double shifts at the hospital and is often too tired to be observant.  She dismisses Sade's negative attitude toward Calvin as a teen mood swings her inability to be accepting of her mother's relationship with Calvin.  

I don't want to give away key parts of this story but Joyce's indifferent reaction to the desperate cries of her daughter Sade is disturbing.  This story represents how sometimes mothers are so desperate to have a relationship with a man, their child is overlooked and a price is paid.  Mother's and daughter should read this book together.

Honestly, "Sade's Secret" will make you feel uncomfortable, angry and cheer for Sade as she struggles to overcome obstacles that no child should face.  This story reflects what happens in homes across socio-economic levels in this country and around the world.  After reading this story, I did a simple Google search on the subject of teen/mother's boyfriends/molestation and the results were numerous.   I strongly suggest that teens read this story and discuss the character's actions openly with an adult.   School Social Workers, Counselors and Librarians can also effectively use this book as vehicle for students that are in crisis like Sade to 'open up' and receive the help that they so desperately need.

I highly recommend this book for teens and those who work with teens.  This is a book that should not be missed.


  1. Mrs Clark writes some great novels I am glad to see she added YA to her works. That will be good.

  2. I'm really happy about this too. Thanks for reading my post!