The Golden Hustla by Wahida Clark

Sometimes I’m so busy reading Young Adult books for my students, I don’t have time to read adult Street Literature.  About a month ago, I was able to get a galley (advance book release) of  ‘The Golden Hustla’ written by ‘The Queen of Thug Love Fiction,’ Wahida Clark.  When I first heard that she was releasing a book that was not a direct connection to the Thug Series, I thought how can she do this to me! I've been waiting for the sequel to her 2009 release, ‘Thug Lovin.’   I just need to know who is the father of Tasha’s baby and after all of the drama, would Tasha and Trae would reconcile.   Despite Clark keeping me on pins and needles, I read The Golden Hustla over a period of two days-two sittings....I just couldn't put the book down.

The protagonist, Nina Coles flees New Jersey and leaves her children, bloodshed, and pain behind to begin a new life in Atlanta.  When she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Cream a*k*a – Akil, things begin to go downhill.  Akil convinces Nina to leave her dead end telemarketing job selling magazines, and move to the lucrative WMM (We Make Millionaires) Agency.  In the beginning, life is good – a new job, 5 figure salary a week and a means to support her children back home.  After some time, Nina learns that she has gotten herself in a position where she is being controlled. 

Author, Wahida Clark
Her boss Rinaldo is shady and his main goal is to have his Platinum Team to persuade the rich and elderly to spend thousands of dollars on American Gold Eagle Coins and get rich sweepstakes.   Things also begin to become more complicated as Nina and Akil’s attraction to each other becomes so tense that they pick up where they had left off years ago.   Akil also blackmails and physically abuses Nina into giving him inside information about WMM.  Now realizing that she’s in over her head, Nina is faced with walking away from WMM and starting over again or stay.    

The story kicks into high gear when Nina becomes suspicious of Rinaldo when the nephew of a wealthy client is mysteriously killed.   To make matters worse, the FBI indicts WMM for mail/wire fraud and money laundering.   Using her hustling instincts and skills, Nina goes into survival mode to save herself and reunite with her kids. 

‘The Golden Hustla’ is a page turner with believable characters and plot twists.  I especially enjoyed how Clark cleverly brought Kyron and Tasha (Thug Lovin) into the story for a brief cameo.  She educates the reader about the inside world of high end telephone sales, the thirst for American Gold Eagle Coins and corporate greed.  Whenever I read a good book, I always envision how this book would play out on the big screen and who would be casted as the characters in the story.  If you aren’t familiar with some of these actors/actresses, I suggest you Google their images….believe me, the brothers on the list are definitely eye candy!:

Nina - Zoe Saldina
Rick - Ryan Gentles
Alkil - Ezra "Budha" Masters
Rinaldo - Ryan Phillipe
Reese – Keston Karter
Nina's Mama - Jenifer Lewis
Tasha - Naturi Naughton
Kyron - Lance Gross

Check out Wahida Clark’s publishing house trailer below! “The Golden Hustla” is a book that is not to be missed by adult Street Literature fans this fall. 

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