Gettin' Down in the Sunshine

Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.  
                     Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book 

I'm back!!!  For those of you that have wondered what the heck I've been up to, I've been engrossed with setting up my new home.   I'm now serving as a Library Media Specialist at a high school.  It's exiting work but challenging.  Here's a short list of tasks presented to me over the last couple of months.

- weeding the existing collection
- packing up the wanted books
- waiting for the construction crew to rebuild the library and computer lab
- working with furniture and book vendors
- negotiating book donations
- providing in-service for the staff on library services    and databases
- unpacking and shelving the books
- arranging upcoming speaker series/guests

During this time, the Library Media Center has been closed.  I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this without a sense of urgency...something every librarian wishes for right?  Am I a solo Library Media Specialist? Yes, I am and as the kids say, 'I'm going to do the *amm thing' and connect teens with books.   Everyday I have a group of teens that inquire about circulation of books and use of the online resources.  Every evening I'm exhausted from work, but it's worth it. I just can't wait to open this much needed 'peaceful' haven for teens and expose them to a little sunshine.  

Bye for now, K.C.


  1. Oh wow! You've transformed it into a wonderful space - I can't believe how fast you've done this. Congratulations to you K.C.!

  2. Thank you girl! I'm so determined to make this a wonderful space for the kids.

  3. You know, when you love your job it just doesn't matter what they throw at us, does it? It's tough being the sole person in a high school library, but we just find a way to make it work...with a smile!
    I know your students will have a wonderful year with you and the space you've created for them. Kudos!!

  4. Thanks Edi for your comment and that's why my motto is: "I'm a librarian and it's the best job on the planet"

  5. This place looks spectacular K.C. You are one unique and amazing person and clearly grace in the lives of these kids - and those of us who know you!


  6. It looks Good Girl!