A Quick Blog Post: Promoting My Library Media Center

This is the second week I am providing my students with Library Media Center Orientation.  It's quite tedious because all of the students are receiving the orientation through their English classes.  Scheduling has been a real trip, but I'm halfway done.  So far, the kids have been really receptive to the video and anxious to check out books.   A couple of girls checked out books by Ni-Ni Simone, Earl Sewell and Nikki Carter and have come back asking for more.  A group of freshman boys eagerly checked out books about war and history, the excitement was priceless.

Do you know how much this makes me smile!  Check out my Animoto Video promoting the books, activities and services for the students at Phillips Academy.

Smootches for now!


  1. K.C., Good luck to you. Your students are very lucky to have you as their Library Media Specialist! Best, Clayton

  2. Great video! Keep up the good work. The media center looks beautiful.

    Gloria Thomas