Step to This by Nikki Carter

“Step to This” is the first book in the So For Real series by Nikki Carter. This book is the ‘softer side’ of Urban Fiction for Middle and High School Students.

Gia is a high spirited, Tweety t-shirt wearing, high-school sophomore. She's not in the in-crowd but popular within her own circle of friends. When her friend Ricky persuades her to try out for the High-Steppers dance team and wins a spot on the squad, her social life changes. She receives a style and hair makeover from one of the most popular girls in the school. Gia also receives adoration from her peers she has never received and enjoys it. Though Gia loves her new image and status at school, she clashes with her religious mother and uncle who is also the pastor of her church.

After attracting the attention of the schools’ star football player, she feels that she has been elevated to the ‘elite’ status in her school. To get out of the house to meet Romeo for their first date, Gia lies to her mother which goes against her mother’s rules. During the date, Romeo tries to persuade Gia to have sex with him. When Gia refuses, Romeo becomes angry and leaves her stranded without a ride home forcing her to call her mother and her Deacon boyfriend to pick her up.

What I really liked about ‘Step to This’ is the energy and humor of the characters. The other thing I liked about this book is the accurate description of what teens will do and say to fit in. Carter has captured the ‘voice’ of teens in ‘Step to This’ and this book is one that should not be missed.

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  1. K.C.----here are a few of the authors I have purchased for high school reading
    Stephanie Perry Moore
    Juwell & Precious
    L. Divine
    Ni-Ni Simone
    Darrien Lee
    Katina King
    Nikki Carter
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    Teenage Bluez I & II
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    I have all the Kimani Tru series books from the start and my girls can't read them fast enough.
    Mary P