Keysha's Drama by Earl Sewell

This book is the first in the Keysha Series by Earl Sewell.

Keysha is a Chicago teen who lives with her 'party girl' mother Justine. When she and her mother are evicted from their apartment, Keysha's world is turned upside down. With no money or hope, she is placed in foster care and connected with her real father she has never met.

Despite having her own room, new home and school to attend, Keysha still has drama. She doesn't want to forget where she has come from so she battles with her hard as nails step-mother and spars with her annoyng step-brother Mike. When she connects with the wrong crowd, her actions land her deep in trouble with her family and causes a great deal of embarrassment. This is where Sewell is at his best: describing the inner thoughts of Keysha as she struggles to fit in with her family/classmates and make positive decisions. Many authors attempt to do this, but fail to do so because they cannot capture the character's 'voice'. Not the case with Sewell; this is probably why the Keysha series is so popular with teens.

Though "Keysha's Drama" is directed at teen audiences, adults can learn some valuable lessons from the story as well. This is a good book for pre-teens and teens that will surely spark lively discussions.

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