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You have probably wondered where have I have been.   It's a good reason, I created another blog! Over the last year I've observed many of my posts on MissDomino were related to my school, Wendell Phillips Academy High School.  After thinking about it for awhile, it just made sense to create a blog that is solely dedicated to my work with my students.

The blog was also created because I was awarded a huge library grant by my school district.
See the first blog post called, A New Adventure .   The new blog, The Audacious Librarian represents my style of librarianship.
 - I am a librarian that is a hip hop/house music head, plays reggae music in her library.
 - I am a librarian that promotes and defends the use of Street Lit. books for teens.
 - I am a librarian that cares about her students and as the kids say, "Get in their heads" when they need it.  
- I am a librarian that speaks up, speaks her mind and will do things that others may be afraid to do.  (which has also gotten me into trouble!)
When you have a chance, check out The Audacious Librarian.

Here's two recent blog posts that you may enjoy!

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Coming soon:  Book review of "Project Queen" by Teresa Patterson and interview of author Earl Sewell.

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