You Don't Even Know Me: Novel by Sharon G.

I just have to thank author Naleighna Kai for putting this book in my hands today.  When things calm down for me personally, Sharon Flake's "You Don't Even Know Me:  Stories and Poems About Boys" will be my next book to read on my reading list.  The following is a reprint from Flake's website,
"They fall in love, plot revenge, seek to be understood. They sit in class, show their colors, date your daughter and dream of making it big. But do you know them, these brazen, brilliant, bold young men walking among us? In my new novel, young men celebrate love, mentor younger boys, wrestle with HIV and comtemplate suicide. They dodge adults, brag about becoming president and wonder if they’ll be alive in the morning. Boys: Do we know ‘em?"

Poems about boys....just priceless.

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