It's Graduation Time!

I'm going to divert my usual posts and share a very personal story.

My cousin/God sister Jessica graduated today from St. Mary's Dominican High School in New Orleans, Louisiana.   I couldn't attend this event because of my responsibilities with the Mayor Daley's Book Club Spring Conference this I'm missing out on the fun with the relatives.  

As I reflected on Jessica's life, I thought about how this young lady is so well spoken, an excellent student, and her participation in several theatre troops/clubs in and outside of school.  I also thought about seeing her for the first time when she was a baby...these kids grow up so fast!

Jessica and her family are very special to me and I admire them greatly.  Her parents, Johnny and Denise are both believe that education is the key to success.  Their family decided to stay in New Orleans and re-build their home after the devastation of HurricaneKatrina.   Along with re-building their home, they never lost their focus for their children's education.  Johnny and Denise continued to send their three daughters to Catholic School within the New Orleans area despite the many families do you know could have done this? 

Along with the girls parents, their oldest sister Sabrina is a role model for them as well.  Sabrina has a Bachelors and Master's Degree and works at a local New Orleans University teaching music.  These positive influences have resulted in Jessica's admittance to Loyola University of New Orleans!  Do you agree, Oprah Winfrey needs to feature them on her show? 

Along with maintaining good grades at Dominican, Jessica is active in her church, a computer whiz and a friend to many.  The future is bright for our 2010 High School Graduates and let's salute all of these young people across the country.

P.S.  My family is eating crawfish as we I wish I was there!     


  1. I am a drama moderator/director and have worked with Jessica for years. She is a special young lady and I will miss her at Dominican. I know we will always keep in touch because, as you know, she is one beautiful and talented person and I am proud to say I know her. She is lucky to have such a dedicated and loving family - including the support of relatives like you.
    Sincerely, MP

  2. :) *TEARS* It's been two years and my younger sister, Whitney has just graduated from Xavier Preparatory High School and will be attending University of New Orleans in the Fall. I'M JUST READING THIS POST as if I'm just seeing it for the first time and I would like you thank you so much, Kim, for you and your family's constant support with us. We do not take it for granted. I love you. We Love You.

  3. You are quite welcome Jessica!