Last year I had the opportunity to hear Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis speak.  During this speech, he talked about the 'Good Trouble' he had found himself in over the years.  'Good Trouble,' for him meant standing up for what was unjust, unfair and not right.    

     Over my career as a school librarian I've worked in five schools where I've gotten into trouble for standing up for my students.   My trouble has included:
     - Engaging students and parents in advocating for the purchase of new books for the library 
     -  Working with a team of teachers to stand up to a administrator and encourage them to put 
        'children, not employees first,' in making decisions that would impact the learning community.   
     - Challenging district officials on the dismissal of certified librarians.
     - Advocating for certified school librarians on a national level using social media.  

     Oh yes, I got into trouble and continue to do so.  I don't regret any of my actions.  Children's lives are at stake and the fight continues.  The school  librarian can impact the emotional and social lives of the children that they serve by 
     - Guiding students to books that are of interest to them,
     - Help students apply 21st Century learning skills they have learned while navigating the internet,
     - Maintaining a library environment that is a safe haven.   

     Libraries are game changers and equalizers for school children/young adults, especially those  living in poverty.  I will continue to get into 'Good Trouble,' because our nation's children deserve it. 

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