The Urban Underground

Here's some new releases from Saddleback Publishing that can be added to your teen Street Lit. library collection.  The Urban Underground book series is written by author Anne Schraff.  You may recognize this author's name because she was one of the early writers in the Townsend Press, Bluford High book series.  Schraff, a former high school teacher understands teens and continues to write stories that they enjoy.  My students love these stories from their Urban Underground book series and yes, they are constantly checked out from the library!  

The stories take place in an African American neighborhood.  Their high school, Tubman High bridges the gap between the projects and the slightly more fortunate.  The books follow a core group of friends at Tubman High--with new characters joining all the time.  Each story confronts coming-of-age issues that teens can relate to while maintaining satisfying resolutions.  The stories are engaging and discuss challenges and experiences that teens are faced with today.  I've included the covers of these books below along with a short synopsis for your review.  Many thanks to the folks at Saddleback for allowing me to preview and share their releases.

"I guess there are a lot worse things than being lonely. There's being with people who end up hurting you. That's the worst. You try to trust somebody, and you know, love them. Then you find out they aren't decent people, and they just trashed your love."

Denique thought that if she wasn't so messed up in her head, she'd sort of like Trevor. But it would just end badly. So she focused on school. She wanted to graduate and get a job. College was now out of the question. Her family lived in the projects. She had to get a job as soon as possible.

"Well, I got news for you. You got us all wrong, Sereeta and me. We have no doubts about each other. We're solid."

Jaris was furious. He would never keep a secret from Sereeta. And he was hurt that Trevor thought he was hot for another chick. He hired Amberlynn Parson because he thought she was best for the job. Period. But Jaris kept second guessing his decision.Trevor had stirred up Jaris's self-doubts.

"We all wanna live some fabulous life that's fun and exciting--and with lots of money maybe. If I were you, I'd ride this roller coaster as far as it takes me. You'd be a freakin' fool not to."

What was the big deal? Oliver Randall was helping out two rocker friends by fronting for their band. He didn't think he was Lil Wayne. but he was enjoying it more than he thought he would. And he was creating a lot of buzz for the group. Girls were practically throwing themselves at him.

"Kevin, do you know what it would do to your grandparents if you did something stupid to get your hands on some fast money?"

Kevin had been talking about how much he wanted some real money, and that he'd do almost anything to get it. Jaris could sympathize with Kevin wanting to help his grandparents out, but wanting--needing--money that desperately was dangerous. It led to getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.

"Sereeta volunteers sometimes at the hotline for abused women and kids. And sometimes she arranges for abused women to get to a safe house. Last night, she said she's got a good mind to go out to the Becker house."

Jaris and Marko were in a position where they could see through the doorwary. The Slider was open to let in cool, fresh air. Sereeta was sitting in a chair from the kitchen table. Her hands were bound. An older woman sat in another chair, her hands bound too. Both looked terrified.  


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