Treasure Blue's "Fly Betty"

Have you pre-ordered your copy of "Fly Betty" by Treasure Blue?  I have and you should too.  The release date is February 5th so you still have time.  Blue is the author of popular street lit. books, Keyshia and Clyde, Harlem Girl Lost and A Street Girl Named Desire.  From what I've read, "Fly Betty" looks like it's going to be one of Blue's books that you read in one sitting.  I'm looking forward to reading it because this author consistently cranks out good books with memorable characters.  Plus the last couple of books I've read by other authors I just didn't like it.  (This is one of the reason I haven't posted any reviews lately)  Check out the book description below.


IN THE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY THERE IS a secret society of women that few are privy to. All of these women are vying for one thing – an opportunity to live a luxurious, lavish lifestyle by snagging a rich and famous singer, rapper or athlete.

Betty Blaise, or Fly Betty to those who truly know her, was not in it to be a wife or even the baby momma of a wealthy public figure – she had her sights set higher, much higher. While most of these women use sex as their weapon of choice, Betty, a senior majoring in psychology, has developed skills she learned from her mother’s diaries that prove much more powerful.
Up until now Betty has lived her life according to her own strict rules and standards, refusing to compromise for anyone, even if it potentially meant shielding herself from true love. But when she encounters a man that she would never have anticipated falling for in a million years, the very tools she used so effectively against men begin to turn against her – and deadly consequences are sure to follow.

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  1. I think this a nice book to read, I'm going to read this book.