Lockwood Lions Series

Saddleback Publishing
has a new series that will appeal to teens who enjoy reading Street Literature.  The Lockwood Lions series focuses on a group of teens and the drama that they experience at their local high school.  Peer pressure, dating, parents and fitting in are the common themes presented by popular author Stephanie Perry Moore.

What makes this book series a little different is that all of the books are 'flip books.'  These flip books provide readers with a point of view from two sides - the cheer squad and the football team.   I think it's really cute how Moore has nicknamed the points of view, 'The Swag and The Cheer Drama."  So, if the teen wants to read about a different point of view, they just flip the book!  Students love it because every story has two sides:  girl and boy points of view.  So far, I can't keep the few copies I have on the shelf.  This book series is a nice addition to the YA Street Literature club.  This is a fairly new book series so you may have to have your book seller/distributor order the books directly from Saddleback Publishing.


  1. Oh yes I can't wait to get my hands on that book! When that book in a series is going to come out?

  2. Its out now and available on Amazon.com