NOOKs, Kindles, iPad Reading...Oh My!
Be sure to check out my new blog called The Warrior Librarian.  This blog is dedicated to the stories and events that take place in my school's Library Media Center.  In addition, I will be blogging about my experience with iPad and NOOK integration in my library program.  When you get a chance, leave a comment and follow me as I take on this new exciting experience!

Over the Christmas break, I began reading e-books on my iPad.  I visited the Apple App Store and downloaded the NOOK and Kindle apps and began searching for books.  One of my New Year's Resolutions was to read more for my own enjoyment.  Though I will not give up the 'feel' of a book for anything in the world, I have honestly enjoyed reading the books in a digital format.  Through this experience, I have discovered authors that I had never heard of.  Here's a couple of authors that are currently on my iPad:
Alah Adams, Traci Bee, Mark O'Neal, Tajana Sutton and David Weaver.

In addition to these authors, there is one author that has really caught my attention, Theresa D. Patterson.  Patterson is the author of a number of Street Lit. books in paperback and Kindle format.   Her book, "Project Queen" was really a page turner because it was fast paced and described what can happen to girls who become hypnotised by money, glitter and fast life.  Shae, the story's protagonist, deals with an abusive mother, first love, dating violence and self discovery.  The book contains some elements of "The Coldest Winter Ever", "Teenage Love Affair" and "P.U.S.H,"  but the author makes the story and characters unique from other Street Lit. stories I've read recently.  

The book is a .99 cent download from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and there is a sequel to the story called Project Queen II.  Like Tu-Shonda Whitaker and Earl Sewell, Patterson has also released her first young adult novel,   "Sequoia Denise, Just a Kid" in the Whatever Teen Series.  Both books I'm considering heavily for my new e-Reader  Street Lit. Club at my high school.

Here's some other good e-Reader picks for adults.  Some of the titles are Contemporary Fiction, Urban Erotica and Street Lit.:
R.M. Johnson - "Keep the Secret"
K'Wan - "The Leak"
Brenda Jackson - "Irresistible Forces"
Earl Sewell - "Chance Encounter"
Wahida Clark - "The Letter" (Trae Macklin"

That's all for now.  Check back later this week on MissDomino as the 2011-2012 Street Lit. Book Awards will be announced.


  1. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate the support. I am just so overwhelmed by emotions right now that I can't even type.

  2. Thank you for writing such a good book. I couldn't put it down, keep them coming!

  3. What is your nook name so I can borrow books from you K C Boyd