2012 ALA Book Awards...I'm Just Sayin'

Well, it's that time of year again...book award season.  The American Library Association will be announcing it's 2012 Youth Media Awards tomorrow and many are on the edge of their seats.  So far, one of my favorite books has won an award.  Vanessa I. Morris' "The Reader's Advisory Guide to Street Literature," has won RUSA's 2012 Zora Neal Hurston Award.  This award is given to librarians who demonstrate leadership in promoting African-American literature.  Below I inserted a really nice video that features Morris at her best, explaining what Street Lit. is and why it's a genre that should not be overlooked.     My hope this year is that more books by African-American writers are honored, in particular Street Lit books.

Last year, YALSA's Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers featured a healthy number of teen friendly Street Literature books.  This was definitely a welcomed surprise.  I'm wondering if there will be the same number of winners this year?  Will there be more?  Will authors like NiNi Simone, Nikki Carter and Earl Sewell who write teen friendly Street Lit books be honored outside of the 'reluctant reader' category?  I would like some of these authors to be considered for the major book awards like the Printz, Alex or Coretta Scott King Award.  I understand it's politics but, I'm just sayin'...hmm.

Thank goodness for The Street Lit Book Award Medal that honors Street Lit books.  I hope some of my favorite authors and stories will be recognized.  I'll be listening to the announcements tomorrow via streaming video, will you?

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