Review: Cookie: A Forth Worth Story by Tamika Newhouse

Oh how I love Christmas Break!  Over the last couple of days, I tuned out the stress, read and conducted author interviews.  This post begins the first of the book reviews so enjoy!

     LaToya 'Cookie' James and Lyric James are like oil and water.  Cookie is the quiet and reserved sister and Lyric is the boisterous older sister that is the "It Girl" within their social circle.  Raised by a tough bible-gripping, churchgoing single mother, the girls experience the fast life and learn some harsh life lessons along the way.   Readers quickly learn that Cookie is the responsible one of the two sisters.  She takes on adult responsibilities by running the household caring for their bed-ridden mother.  Lyric on the other hand cares more about 'self', parties hard and runs the street with various boys from their neighborhood.   When Cookie decides to 'come out of her shell', her life changes dramatically.

     "Cookie:  A Forth Worth Story" is a cautionary tale that will keep the reader turning the page.  The sisters often find themselves in risqué situations that they can barely get themselves out of.  A rape of a best friend, and the death of another friend forces Cookie to realize that life is not as easy as she thought it would be.   The story honestly describes what happens when a young girl grows up too fast and the painful consequences that are experienced.   

Author, Tamika Newhouse
     Based on a true story, author Tamika Newhouse vividly tells a gripping story that many of today's teens can relate to.   Newhouse is the author of "The Ultimate No No" and the CEO of Delphine Publications.  Like other adult Street Lit authors that now write for a teen audience, Newhouse has written a responsible solid story.   She takes the reader to the edge and yanks them back without describing events of the story in a graphic manner.  Teens will enjoy reading "Cookie: A Forth Worth Story," because it's highly relatable and a fast read.  Moreover, the story will generate discussion among teens and really force them to think about their choices in life.

     Newhouse leaves the reader wanting more at the end of the story.  I was so relieved to learn that the sequel "Cookie Too:  Lyric's Song," will be released in early 2012.   I plan to include this book in my high school library collection in 2012 for my die-hard and picky teen Street Lit readers.   In addition, I highly recommend that other librarians purchase the book for their library collections as well.  The book will surely be a hit with teens and will generate discussions for days to come.

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