An Early Christmas Present...

LMC Christmas Tree
     The Christmas break for a Library Media Specialist is just a wonderful time where we can relax or as the kids say, 'chillax' without no one calling our name.  Yes, rest and relaxation is definitely on the agenda.  I'm looking forward to Christmas for several reasons:
  - Sleep and more sleep
  - Read and read even more books
  - Attend  One-to-One Apple classes on Michigan Avenue...whoo-hoo!
  - Catch up with family and friends who are ticked off that I haven't called
  - Finally, adopt another cat so that Domino will have some company during the day
Christmas Display
     Today I received some really good news.  After generating some statistical data on my library circulation,  I learned that my students are  really checking out allot of books.  Those of you reading this and are librarians understand how easy it is for a librarian to loose track.  We just circulate and shelve and circulate and shelve as fast as we can to meet the needs of our patrons.  Between the months of August - December, my students have almost surpassed the total number of books checked out last year.  In other words, in June my students would have checked out more than double the number of books check out last year.  This news was definitely a early Christmas present!

From the suggestion of a good friend, I would like to share a video slideshow of my library called, "The Library Inside of a School", click the link enjoy!

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