Author Ni-Ni Simone

     My students and I are just crazy about author Ni-Ni Simone's books.  (Yes, I read the same books that my students love to read too!) We can't wait for the February release of her new book, "Upgrade U," to hit the bookstores.  One of my students read Simone's first book, 'Shortie Like Mine' in one day after I did a book talk on some of the new books in the Library Media Center.  When she returned to the LMC to check out the next book in the series, "If I Were Your Girl," all five copies were checked out.  After explaining to my student that I would place the book on reserve for her, the student decided to take matters into her own hands.  

     She found another student in the building that was finished with the book, but just had not returned it to the LMC.  Finding another student in the school that had the book was a pretty easy task.  The students in my high school have clear book bags and often times place the book that they are reading directly in the back of their bags to 'show off' what they are reading.  She begged the student to return the book to LMC.  The student complied and did so during the 5th period, and she returned during the 6th period to check out the book.  The expression of joy on her face was priceless and all I could do was chuckle.  It warms my heart that my students have found a book series that truly captures their voice, concerns and issues.

Author, Ni-Ni Simone
(Tu Shonda Whitaker)
     Author Ni-Ni Simone's real name is TuShonda Whitaker and is a successful adult Street Lit. writer.  Whitaker has also captured the attention of teen girls through her online magazine called Ni-Ni's Girlz.  The site is hip, fun, and addresses the many issues that teens experience today.  The articles on the site are submitted by teens and cover beauty tips, dating advice, school issues and book reviews.  I especially liked the YA lounge and the 'Ni-Ni Girl of the Month.'   If you are looking for another teen series and website to include in your library collection/homepage, encourage teen girls check out author Ni-Ni Simone at  Students that like to read online magazines should log onto the site to read the articles or even submit an article or poem for publication.  The author encourages teens to email their submissions at   


  1. I love this article!! I too am a teacher and a reader of NiNi Simone's books! Can't wait for the next one to drop! Kudos to all the young readers and NiNi Simone for enticing them to want to read!

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  3. I am inspired by Ni-NI Simone!

  4. omg im in love with her books i just found out about them my 8th grade teacher told me about these books an im reading my third one