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     It's Saturday morning and I'm up early getting ready for the live telecast of the Harlem Book Fair on CSPAN. Actually to tell you the truth, I’m a little ticked off that I'm unable to attend this year. I’ll get over it. I decided to do a little internet surfing and ran across an interesting article from the Huffington Post.
     Andy Woodworth aka 'wawoodworth' on Twitter has started something: a new fun library advocacy campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa, 'The Old Spice Guy.' Yes you know him, that good looking guy with the Barry White voice, six pack abs and the ability to look so cool riding bareback on a horse. We’ve all seen his commercials on television and enjoyed the hilarious interview spot on Oprah about him.

      Recently, Mustafa responded to Woodworth's request to say a few words about libraries, and that he does well. In my opinion, this video is one of the creative advocacy tools I've seen in awhile. The video is humorous, hip and simply reminds viewers how important libraries are in our society. Personally speaking, I plan on using this video as an ice breaker for presentation I'm giving next week; I can't wait to see the reactions from the attendees.

     As Woodworth points out on his Agnostic Maybe Blog  post, the video is a humorous message about why libraries are great contributors to society. Just grin with Woodworth, myself and supporters of the spot when Mustafa says, “I’m handsome. You’re pretty. Let’s eat peanut butter. Stop throwing pigeons. Jump onto that giraffe.” For those that chose to complain, get over it and develop a sense of humor. To be critical about the video takes up too much time in one day.

     If you have a Twitter account, please support and re-tweet A petition for The Old Spice Guy to do READ poster - "I'm at a library. Reading a book." ...on a horse.  Ahh, The Old Spice Guy on a READ poster, I can just see it now......Hey Andy, I'm grinning as I write this post.

Now everyone, don't forget to watch the Harlem Book Fair today on CSPAN.

Video - The Old Spice Guy Supports Libraries

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