The 2009 Illinois School Library Media Association Conference has ended. I have been a member of this state library organization for about 6 years attending conferences in both Springfield and Arlington Heights, Illinois. Attending sessions during the conference weekend has always been a real treat and a 'mini-vacation' from the job.

I just sit back with admiration and listen to the talented librarians that share their knowledge with workshop attendees. Each year I walk away with valuable information and practices that I know I can use. I always wonder, "How do these busy librarians make the time to prepare a thought provoking presentation?" Well this year I learned first-hand it's through preparation, organization and creativity. This year marked my first year serving as a workshop presenter for this conference. It was fun! My session about Urban Fiction books for middle school students was well received and I had the opportunity to meet more people this year than I had in years past. For that, I'm grateful for the experience.

That being said, after saying to myself for at least two years, "I'm going to start blogging" and the constant suggestions from friends, I found my nerves and some time to finally begin. Essentially, the ‘Miss Domino Blog’ is dedicated to the genre of Urban Fiction in particular those books and alternate titles that appeal to both pre-teens, teens and adults. From time to time, I will share my thoughts on books within this genre as well as other pressing issues that pertain to Library Information Science. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and log in from time to time to read what I have to say.
K.C. Boyd
P.S. The ‘Miss Domino Blog’ is named after my 1 year old Tuxedo female cat named Domino.


  1. KC,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and look foward to becoming a following and hearing about book for our student at NHA. Love you always.

    Your friend,

  2. WOW! KC - This site looks GREAT and offers lots of good resources. Thanks for putting NHA back on the map:) I'll be sure and spread the word. Your former students still remember fondly the exciting times you guys shared together. Take care - be safe and keep in touch.
    God Bless, LAG